What counts most is how you put your desires into action.

Everyone is given the potential to excel, whether you do or not is entirely up to you.
You are more than the identity that your brain creates; open up your heart and mind to the infinite wonderful experiences there are available in life. Not limiting your beliefs opens pathways to infinite potential
Focus your intuitive thoughts to identify what is truly worth pursuing.
Life is indeed a gamble, the ultimate game of chance, based purely upon having the ability to make the right choices at the right time. LIfe is just a game of chance, a dance with fate if you let it be so. Or you could choose to play by your rules to win.
Nothing of worth was ever achieved without the element of persistence.
Life gives to you what you expect, what you are prepared to accept. Life will simply keep repeating itself unless you continually add some new experiences through your desires. Belief can be used to create those things you desire in your life. Life is actually a journey of your desires, a game you can play to creating whatever you wish within your reality. .
Don't surrender your reality to others, life is yours alone to control.
Only the future offers you the opportunity to become what you want. You can't recreate the past, but you can create the future you desire and dream of. Create your life path, your fortune. Start living by taking the control of your life now.
First must make changes within yourselves before starting to try to change your external world.
The keys, laws and rules to creating a better life are not hidden, they are there for anyone who looks to see them; that is if you have the energy or forethought to actually take the time to determine what these elements to a better life actually are. Many experiences are available in life, but most of us just let them slip by without a second thought. Yet these experiences are intended to put us into a frame of mind, to learn or grow, to create within our minds a chain of thoughts that will lead us to a better understanding of things, to a better life.

Master the laws of creation

You are the sole architect of your life
Take control of your life, using positive thoughts to create your reality.
You are limited the unwillingness to take action
Seek ways to live your life as you originally intended.
You have the final decision what you chose
You are free to be anything you want through the power of creation
Life is an experiment of thought
You have the sole responsibility for what happens to you in life.
Continually improve on your dreams
You have the sole responsibility for what happens to you in life.
Tune in to the intuitive and creative abilities
Don't surrender your reality to others, life is yours alone to control.
Achieving the passion for living your dreams
Not limiting beliefs opens pathways to infinite potential.
Put your desires into action
Desires are the essence of who you are and who you wish to become.